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Welcome to Sparta

Dear Visitors,

On behalf of our entire local community, I warmly welcome you to Sparta. It is an honor that you have chosen to visit us.

We trust that a tour of our site will offer you a ‘laconic’ journey back in time throughout Greek history.

The ancient Greek world comes to life in the museums and sacred sites of our region, the Byzantine reign prevails within the walls of the castle city of Mystras, while contemporary, neo-Hellenic history is showcased in the Bavarian city plan and neo-classical architecture of modern-day Sparta. 

The natural environment of our region will surely enchant you. Our majestic mountains, Mt. Taygetos and Mt. Parnonas, have a unique natural beauty: caves, ravines, springs, streams, rivers, cliffs and gorges compose a landscape of untamed beauty; Untamed, but not unapproachable, as this wild beauty can be explored by hikers, and even, cyclists. The unique and often rare species of fauna and flora of the region are a major source of scientific exploration. Our nature-loving visitors can admire the breathtaking color palette that only nature can paint and take in the sweet-smelling fragrance of black pine and fir lingering in the air. The trickling sounds of water, the playful bird songs and the softly blowing wind orchestrate a melody that can be heard atop the mountains and at the mountain shelter which is at your disposal.

A trip up the slopes of the mountains which are sprinkled with scenic, little villages will help you relax and unwind: with churches and monuments from the distant and recent past, with the charming homes of the locals adorned in flowers, with friendly people.

Finally, be sure to taste the local products of our region. Pure and healthy culinary delights are yours to discover. These products are what our local cuisine is based on as we cook up traditional and contemporary combinations of flavors that your palate deserves to savor. 

We wish you a pleasant stay,
Stavros Argeitakos
Mayor of Sparta

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    British newspaper The Guardian lists Sparta as one of the 10 best bargain city breaks in 2013.

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